The Mission of ICOB is to promote the culture and socio-economic development

of Banyakigezi in Uganda and the Diaspora.


Very many Banyakigezi live outside our beloved homeland of Kigezi, Uganda. One consequence of this dispersion is that many Banyakigezi, especially those living outside Uganda, have lost touch with our cultural practices and values.

It is possible that the majority of Abanyakigezi living outside Kigezi do not even know the geographic boundaries of Kigezi, our history, our original clans, our taboos and totems, leave alone speaking our languages – Orukiga, Oruhororo n’Orufumbira [Ikinyarwanda]. If this trend is not checked in time, our current generation and most especially the young ones, stand the risk of complete assimilation into other cultures, a fate that has befallen fellow Africans in North and South America and Europe whose ancestors were taken from Africa as slaves. To lose one’s language, one’s history and one’s traditions is to lose one’s identity.

Another consequence of the dispersion is that our homeland has been denied the opportunity to benefit from the collective talents and efforts of some of our best brains, many of whom are leaders in their fields.
The International Community of Banyakigezi [ICOB] is an an organization whose mission is the advancement of the cultural, social and economic interests of Abanyakigezi in Uganda and in the Diaspora. Whereas ICOB is a non-partisan organsiation, we are committed to the advancement of the political and human rights of Banyakigezi wherever they are.

“Okusiiba ohingire osiiba ogire kunywaana…..A day spent networking is worth more than a a day spent working”




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