International Community of Banyakigezi


The Mission of ICOB is to promote the culture and socio-economic development

of Banyakigezi in Uganda and the Diaspora.


Very many Banyakigezi live outside our beloved homeland of Kigezi, Uganda. One consequence of this dispersion is that many Banyakigezi, especially those living outside Uganda, have lost touch with our cultural practices and values.

It is possible that the majority of Abanyakigezi living outside Kigezi do not even know the geographic boundaries of Kigezi, our history, our original clans, our taboos and totems, leave alone speaking our languages – Orukiga, Oruhororo n’Orufumbira [Ikinyarwanda]. If this trend is not checked in time, our current generation and most especially the young ones, stand the risk of complete assimilation into other cultures, a fate that has befallen fellow Africans in North and South America and Europe whose ancestors were taken from Africa as slaves. To lose one’s language, one’s history and one’s traditions is to lose one’s identity.

Another consequence of the dispersion is that our homeland has been denied the opportunity to benefit from the collective talents and efforts of some of our best brains, many of whom are leaders in their fields.
The International Community of Banyakigezi [ICOB] is an an organization whose mission is the advancement of the cultural, social and economic interests of Abanyakigezi in Uganda and in the Diaspora. Whereas ICOB is a non-partisan organsiation, we are committed to the advancement of the political and human rights of Banyakigezi wherever they are.

“Okusiiba ohingire osiiba ogire kunywaana…..A day spent networking is worth more than a a day spent working”




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  1. Ann Bunyenyezi Karasanyi says:

    This is beautiful!!! I wish the “mugani” could have a caption of translation for those who don’t understand Rukiga. Well done!

  2. Ayebazibwe Caleb says:

    I come from Buyaga west from Rutete Sub-county Kagadi-Kibaale district.
    Rutete was and is still a resettlement scheme that was arranged by late Ngorogoza for the bakiiga from Kabale who were increasing in number and the land was small.

    Now my concern is one,how we do we get this banyakigezi anthem to Buyaga west which is 95% occupied by bafuruki so as we dont loose our identity.

    How is it possible to have a cultural gala at Rutete to honour late ngorogoza for his work done for us Bakiga in a teritory diaspora of Bunyoro.

    My dad left Kabale in 1971 to this place,was born here and i dont know now 29 years but hardly know true values of a mukiga.

    so my humble request is to consider organising a cultural gala in Rutete and also send me the banyakigezi anthem.we are very many this side,actually i grew up knowing Kibaale is actually Kabale.Thank you inadvance

    • I am apologize for the very delayed response to your post. Thank you very much for raising this very important question.
      When we founded ICOB in 2003, one of our goals was to forge links with the Bafuruki Organization in Uganda, in order to address the important question that you raise. Among the founders was a Munyakigezi from Kibaale and another one from Rwimi in Tooro. We strongly believe that Once a Munyakigezi, Always a Munyakigezi. You are as much a Munyakigezi as my children are. They live in Canada.

      So we would like to see the Banyakigezi in the migrant communities in Uganda become active in ICOB. To that end, I encourage you to contact Dr. Peter Ngategize, the Chairperson, ICOB-Uganda. His address is

      My regards to all our people in Kibaale.

      Kind regards,

      Muniini K. Mulera

  3. Darious Nkwasibwe says:

    This is a great. I would like to know where the offices for ICOB are in Kampala and How I can start being active especially in events/Activities around Kampala.

    • Great to hear from you Darius. We welcome you into ICOB and look forward to you active participation in your organization. Yes, it is your organization. Please spread the word among colleagues.

      Please contact Dr. Peter Ngategize, the Chairperson of ICOB-Uganda Chapter ( or Mr. Ishmaels Kabananukye, Secretary General ICOB-Uganda Chapter ( to learn ow you can become an active participant in the Uganda Chapter.

      Kind regards,

      Muniini K. Mulera

  4. Mutabaazi Mark says:

    Halo Banyakigezi family. i have been yearning to become a member and active participant in this fraternity. How do i go about it. I live and work in Kabale at the moment.

  5. Niwamanya Brian says:

    Its good and a chance for us to get together its now possible to for us to create a home out of home. thanks to our leaders let’s keep in touch in case there are meetings inform us and how I wish icob is introduced to universities and other institutions out of Kabale eg makerere university

  6. KASOZI HENRY says:

    Good morning Dr.Peter Ngategize,

    I am writing regarding Registration to attend the ICOB 2017 Convention in Orlando, Florida from Aug 3rd to August 7th, 2017.

    I was planning to attend the convention privately but then I thought of contacting you before making any payment and securing the invitation.

    I would like to know the preparations you have made if I can be accommodated into it rather than me going alone yet there other members going for the same convention.

    Being that you’re the ICOB Uganda chairperson, I would also want to meet you in-person if possible.

    I am waiting for the reply.

    Best regards
    Henry 0752893350

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