Nominees for ICOB Leadership Positions 2017

The nominations for the ICOB Executive and Board Member positions as advertised has closed, and the below candidates have been duly nominated:

Vice President – Judie Nyiramahoro Nkusi

Secretary General – Carol Kemigisha

Treasurer – Dorothy Angole

Board Members:

1) Leonard Nkurunziza

2) Peninah Kyoheirwe Ngategize

3) James Francis Kikira Mugisha

4) Peter M Bikangaga

5) Beatrice Hamujuni-Smith

Elections will be held at the Annual General Meeting scheduled for Saturday August 5th, 2017 during the Annual ICOB Convention to be held in Orlando, Florida. For more details on the 2017 Convention, go to:

Call for Nominations for ICOB Executive and Board Positions (Deadline extended to June 8, 2017)


We hereby call for nominations for the following leadership positions of the International Community of Banyakigezi (ICOB) in compliance with Article V of the Bylaws:


  • Vice President
  • Secretary General
  • Assistant Secretary General
  • Treasurer
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Director (7 Board positions)
Elections to fill the above vacancies will be held during the Annual General Meeting on Saturday August 5, 2017 .
The 2017 annual Convention is scheduled to be held in Orlando, Florida from Thursday August 3rd to Monday August 7th, 2017

Each candidate seeking election at the upcoming Annual General Meeting should notify his/ her intention to the Secretary General at, with a copy to the President at no later than June 8, 2017.
The following information should be included:
  • Surname:
  • First name:
  • Middle name:
  • Full residential address:
  • Telephone number:
  • ICOB Chapter:
  • Position to which you seek election:
  • List of 10 ICOB members from your local chapter seconding your nomination:
  • A high quality JPEG format photo to be published on the ICOB website.
The nominees will be posted on the ICOB website at

ICOB Kigyezi Day Subcommittee

Fellow Banyakigezi and Friends of Kigezi:

At the London 2016 Convention of the International Community of Banyakigyezi (ICOB), the members resolved to:

1) Promote unity and broad based approach entailing a grassroots, ICOB Chapter-based strategy that engages all Banyakigyezi. Activities such as Kigyezi Awards, Kigyezi Day and Kigyezi Walk would go a long way towards cementing the unity of Banyakigyezi.

2) Encourage ICOB chapter-based conventions that would increase the level of participation of Banyakigyezi who cannot afford to travel to distant locations for the ICOB Annual Conventions.

In accordance with Article IX of the Bylaws of ICOB, the Board has appointed the following to be members of an ICOB Kigyezi Day Subcommittee with a time-limited mandate to:

1) Develop a strategic and executable plan for realizing the above resolutions;

2) Present the proposed plan to the Executive Committee of ICOB by June 15, 2017.

The Members are:

  • Mr. Dennis Aguma
    London, England, United Kingdom
  • Ms. Beatrice Hamujuni-Smith
    London, England, United Kingdom
  • Ms. Scollah Kamusiime
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Ms. Scovia Kyarisiima
    Kabaare, Kigyezi, Uganda
  • Mr. Barnabas Nkore
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Furthermore, the Board has appointed Mr. Dennis Aguma to be the chairperson of this subcommittee.
Article IX of the Bylaws limits a sub-committee’s term of office to the next annual general meeting following its appointment. Therefore the members of this Kigezi Day Subcommittee will serve until August 5, 2017.
Please share ideas with Dennis and his team and continue to mobilize BanyaKigyezi to become active owners of our organization.

Kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Muniini K. Mulera
President of ICOB

Dorothy Angole appointed ICOB Treasurer

Dear Banyakigezi and friends of Kigezi:

I am very pleased to inform you that the Board of Directors of the International Community of Banyakigezi (ICOB) has appointed Ms. Dorothy Angole of Washington DC to the position of Treasurer of ICOB. She will serve in this capacity until the next Annual General Meeting at the Convention in Orlando, Florida when a new Treasurer will be elected.

In appointing Dorothy to this position, which takes effect immediately, the Board recognizes her great work as Treasurer of ICOB-USA and her many years of dedication and excellent service to ICOB.

We thank Ms. Margaret Tumusiime for her service as the elected Treasurer and for agreeing, after her second term of office, to continue in an acting capacity until the Board appointed her replacement. Her dedication to duty and her exemplary volunteer spirit have sustained and grown our organization. Happily, Margaret will continue to serve ICOB as one of the Members of the Board of Directors.

Yours sincerely,

Muniini K. Mulera
President, ICOB

International Community of Banyakigezi: Progress Report

November 11, 2016

Fellow Banyakigezi

Greetings! I trust that you are well in your various corners of the world. It gives me pleasure to report to you that since our successful Annual Convention in July 2016, the Board and Executive Committee of ICOB have been working hard to implement the London Resolutions.

As part of our commitment to corporate, transparent and accountable governance, the Board appointed an Organization Assessment Team (OAT) with an open mandate to review ICOB and to make actionable recommendations. The OAT, which is comprised of Henry Bagazonzya (formerly at the World Bank) as chairperson, Eustacius Betubiza (formerly at the World Bank) and Leo Nkurunziza (currently at the World Bank), has developed an important survey that they will be asking you to complete in order to provide feedback that will be of critical value in formulating ICOB’s direction. Expect communication from Mr. Bagazonzya very soon.

The Board appointed a Bylaws Review Committee (BRC) to review our governing laws and propose (a) amendments, if any; (b) a Governance Code and (c) any other governance documents. The BRC is comprised of Andrew Mutabaazi Katarikawe (Attorney, State of Colorado, USA) as chairperson, Nkunda Kabateraine (Solicitor and Barrister, Toronto, Canada) and Juliet Hamujuni-Reid (Social Services Worker and Nurse, United Kingdom).

To fulfill the Board-approved funding of an Information Technology Center (ITC) at Kizinga Technical School in Kabale District, the Executive Committee has tasked the Headmaster to pursue the necessary steps for procurement, installation and activation of a fully functional Local Area Network at the School. Standard procurement procedures are to be strictly adhered to. The Board has approved funding to a maximum of US$25,000. To assist in this process, the Executive Committee has successfully engaged the volunteer services of Mr. Narcis Rwangoga, an IT expert who was instrumental in establishing an ITC at Nyarushanje Technical Institute. Ms. Peninah Ngategize (Board Member based in Kampala) and Ms. Margaret Tumusiime, Acting Treasurer of ICOB, will supervise this phase of project implementation on behalf of the Board.

The Board of Directors approved a proposal by the Executive Committee to outsource the identification and negotiation of contracts with potential convention hotel venues. This not only saves time and energy of volunteer host committees, it also takes advantage of the professionalism and knowledge of companies that specialize in that business, at no cost to our organization. To that end, ICOB has partnered with Global Cynergies, with excellent results already evident in the successful identification and negotiation with the venue for ICOB 2017 Annual Convention.

The next convention will take place at the Hilton Garden Inn Orlando at SeaWorld from August 3 to 7, 2017. The local organization committee, chaired by Rev. Benjamin Twinamaani, is working with the Executive Committee to ensure a successful convention.
We encourage you to book your room at Hilton Garden Inn Orlando at SeaWorld (Florida, USA) as soon as possible. We have committed ICOB to a limited number of rooms on a first-come-first served basis. Please do not miss out on the discounted rates that include breakfast and free wi-fi.

Banyakigezi gather in Kabale for this year’s post-Christmas convention. Please visit…/icob-uganda-2016-convention/for the details.


1. Obtaining charitable, tax-exempt status of ICOB Chapters in their respective jurisdictions is of critical importance in order to access resources from national and international funding bodies. We urge each chapter to make this a priority item.

2. ICOB chapters should cultivate a grassroots strategy that engages all Banyakigezi and pursues a bottom-up approach. Activities such as Kigezi Awards, Kigezi Day and Kigezi Walk should be developed and implemented as a means of cementing the unity of Banyakigezi and increasing the relevance of ICOB to a person living in Kigezi. We strongly urge each chapter and each community of Banyakigezi all over the world to plan to hold a weekend of celebratory and fundraising activities for the Kigezi Education Fund during the same weekend that we hold the annual convention. Please write to us so we coordinate our efforts.

3. Kigezi Education Fund (KEF):
We thank everybody who has supported the Kigezi Education Fund with generous donations. As resolved by the delegates in London, this fund will remain the flagship program of ICOB, with continued focus on supporting technical and other vocational education in Kigezi.

We request those with unfulfilled pledges made in London or at earlier conventions to honour their promises as soon as possible. Please visit and donate the funds with a credit card or instruments through PayPal.

Everyone else, please visit and donate to this important initiative. If every Munyakigezi with a paid job donated what they were comfortable with, we would fund more education programs in Kigezi. Whether it is $10 or $1,000 a month, every dollar counts and makes a difference. Please consider making a monthly donation to KEF. Together, we can do it!

We value your ideas. ICOB is your organization. Please be active members throughout the year, and encourage others to join this great organization. Tell us what we are doing right and where we should improve. We assure you of action.
Kind regards and best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas and New Year season.
Yours sincerely,

Muniini K. Mulera
President, ICOB

SAVE THE DATE: ICOB 2017 Annual Convention to be held in ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA

Mark your calendar and plan to attend the ICOB 2017 Annual Convention in Orlando, Florida, USA

Dates: Thursday August 3 to Monday August 7, 2017

Venue: Hilton Garden Inn Orlando at SeaWorld

Room rate: $109/night

ALL Banyakigezi and ALL friends of Banyakigezi are welcome. Convention registration fees and program will be communicated to you very soon.

Please book your room now by calling 1-800-449-1619 and make reference to ICOB, or by clicking on this link:


PRESS RELEASE: Monday August 22, 2016

Ms. Lilliane Rumanyika-Mugisha appointed Secretary, ICOB

I am very pleased to inform Banyakigezi that the Board of Directors of the International Community of Banyakigezi (ICOB) has appointed Ms. Lilliane Rumanyika-Mugisha to the position of Secretary of ICOB. She will serve in this capacity until the next Annual Convention when a new Secretary will be elected.

In appointing Lilliane to this position, which takes effect immediately, the Board recognizes her competence and experience. We thank her for her dedication and excellence in serving ICOB.

Yours sincerely,

Muniini K. Mulera

President, ICOB


ICOB elects a new president

ICOB held its 14th Annual Convention in Kingston upon Thames, London during the weekend of July 22-24, 2016.  The convention, which was attended by delegates from Canada, Sweden, Uganda, United Kingdom and the United States of America, was characterized by a collective renewal of commitment to fulfill the Mission of ICOB.

Guests at the fundraising dinner donated nearly $13,000 to the Kigezi Education Fund, the flagship project of the organization.

The delegates elected Dr. Muniini K. Mulera as the new president of ICOB.  In his speech to the delegates, Dr. Mulera called upon all members of ICOB to keep ICOB free from partisan politics and other divisive engagements. “ICOB must belong to no one, because it belongs to everyone,” he said.

Dr. Mulera also urged members and chapters to be actively engaged in the organization’s activities throughout the year, including ongoing fundraising that enables members and supporters to give small amounts on a monthly basis.



ICOB Uganda Chapter to hold Annual Convention in Kabale

This year’s Convention of ICOB Uganda Chapter will take place in Kabale on December 27-29, 2016.  The convention will be followed by a 5-day grand tour of Kigezi Region. The tour, which starts on December 30, 2016, is organized by the Uganda Tourism and Culture Digital Promoters and the Kigezi Tourism Cluster, led by Ms. Scovia Kyarisiima.

The tour will include traditional potato roasting in Kabale, bicycle riding in Kisoro and cultural entertainment.

The tour package fee (food, accommodation, transportation and boat cruise) is UG Sh. 200,000.

For further information and registration, please contact:

  • Ms. Scovia Kyarisiima  +256775407637 or +256704805415
  • Dr.Francis Runumi +256782303247
  • Dr. Peter Ngategize +256772824718


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