International Community of Banyakigezi




President – Dr. Muniini K. Mulera

Vice President – Judie Nkusi

Secretary General – Carol Kemigisha

Assistant Secretary General – vacant

Treasurer – Dorothy Angole

Assistant Treasurer – Elvis Muhaabwa



Dr. Muniini K. Mulera – Chairpersonmuniini-portrait-in-joyce-kitenge

Dr. Muniini K. Mulera is a paediatrician and neonatologist in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. Born at Kabale Hospital in Kabale, Kigezi, Uganda, Muniini received his basic education at Kihanga Boys Primary School, Kigezi High School Primary and Junior Schools and King’s College, Budo.

He studied medicine and surgery at Makerere University, Kampala; and did postgraduate studies at Trinity College, Dublin; the Alberta Children’s Hospital, University of Calgary and the Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto. He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

His main professional focus at present is advocacy for accelerated improvement of maternal-child health, with special interest in East Africa. He is the Vice Chairperson of the Board of Mahali Salama Uganda, a Canada-Uganda partnership that aims to support a maternal-child health program within an integrated community development process in Mparo, Kigezi.

Muniini was the chief convener of the founding convention of the International Community of Banyakigezi (ICOB) in 2003. He served as Vice-President of ICOB from 2004 until 2010. He was elected President of ICOB on July 23, 2016.


Beatrice Hamujuni-Smith

Dr. Peter M. Bikangaga

Dr. James Francis Kikira Mugisha

Peninah Ngategizepeninah

  • Retired Civil Servant from the Uganda Revenue Authority, the Uganda Cooperative Alliance, and International Telecommunication Union.
  • 20 years of Consultancy in Financial Management, e-enabling and Tax advisory
  • Certified Coach, Mentor and Customer Service practitioner.
  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer:
    • Kika Farms engaged in agro tourism, forestry and Business incubation.  Working with over 500 farmers (women and youth) in agribusiness mentoring and mindset change.
    • Founder and CEO, ComputerWise (U) Limited one of the first IT companies in Uganda – Since 1997.
    • Founder and CEO – Big Hope Community Based Organization
  • International Business networks in various countries.
  • Board Membership/Director/Founding member
    • Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association (UWEAL)
    • African Women in Agribusiness Network (AWAN)
    • Business and Professional Women Kampala (BPW)
    • East African Women in Business Platform (EAWiBP)
    • Uganda Women National Shelter (UWNS)
    • National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) Advisory Council
    • International Community of the Banyakigezi (ICOB)
    • Africa Customer Service Agency (ACSA)

Leonard Nkurunziza

12 Responses

  1. Kwesiga B says:

    Well done. Only missing some local literature. Any effort in that direction? A blend of languages would do better. For instance the reports should have versions of Rukiga, Rufumbira and English.

  2. Emmy Gongo says:

    Thank you all for the hard work.
    I am looking for the contact office but I can not see it.

    I am operating a Tourist facility and Bassed in Ruhija,Kabale District.
    I would Like to register myself and the Company under the International community of Banyakigezi.

    My Home Village is Kanungu Buhoma Village.
    what would be the requirements for me to be registered?
    Good Work
    Emmy Gongo

    • Elvis Muhaabwa says:

      Hi Emmy,
      Are you aware that ICOB Uganda chapter is holding a convention in Kanungu district?
      The website is for info purposes, do you want to advertise on the site?

  3. Great work well done. i am impressed this platform is there. i would like to be actively involved. I am still young and energetic and would want to serve my fellow Banyakigezi. Nimukahangaare.


    PLEASE! CAN you give any help to the people who are schooling?

  5. Rugyema Godfrey says:

    Hello Banyakigezi, nabashemerererwa mweena. Ndi hanu Anna Arbor, Michigan. Ndaroonda ekyeeyo. Nashemerererwa mukuru wangye Elvis Muhaabwa, OB Ntare school. Enaamba yaangye ni 734 834 0471.
    Nyaburamwe munkwaate hamukono, obuundi naanye nkabaasa kuhika ha Convention ya 2015.Ebyo haryaaba hariyo akashera?!

    Munyaanyazi Omusigi naakuramusya!
    Godfrey T.Rugyema

  6. jude says:


    Greetings from Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

    Hope the diaspora is well. Am writing to inform all Ugandans in the diaspora who are coming back home for the festive season or any other time that we have special competitive rates and will be delighted to have them. We have preparations for Christmas and new year’s, special menus among other things.

    Hearing from any of the different groups will be our greatest desire.



    i paid for 2016 london conference registration fees for my wife and I on 30th may 2016
    i expected some reponse on acknowledgement of receipt and invitation letters would not take long to come by.
    still waiting
    thank you

    • ICOB Admin says:

      Thank you for reaching out. A member of the ICOB London Convention Committee will email you immediately.


    Well done Abanyakigezi mweena. Tinareeba reports za conventions ezibaire omu Uganda kuruga 2010, how long do we have to wait for them. Mukama abariinde.

  9. Barisigara says:

    This is very good and interactive, only that to get the membership form I have failed!. Need guidance

  10. Tweteise Isaac says:

    Great work over the years members. It would an honor to become a member. Thank you all and keep it up.

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