International Community of Banyakigezi


ICOB’s annual conventions are an opportunity for the community to reunite, network, and fundraise for its flagship philanthropic initiative, the Kigezi Education Fund (KEF). With thematic meetings, international speakers, youth programming, cultural performances, local tours, and more, each convention is one of a kind.

Explore the pages below for more on recent and upcoming ICOB Conventions:


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Enjoy a video by Roger Mira on the cultural performances at the 2014 ICOB Convention:

Enjoy a video by Ndiho Media on the 2014 ICOB Convention:

Enjoy a video by Rogers Banye on his experience at the 2012 ICOB Convention:


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  1. Thx for the conversion

  2. Am trying to register here but very difficult to get

  3. Teeters Isaac says:

    Hello, i have registered alreafy but am looking for the contact person in the Uganda chapter but have failed to get their contacts. I need help further assistance. Thank you


    how can i register or become a member. I would like to be part of my fellow banyakigezi here

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