The ICT Center at Uganda Martyrs Technical Institute Nyarushanje

After the experience gained from supporting ICT centers at Rukungiri Technical Institute and Kisoro Technical Institute, a larger and more ambitious ICT Center was developed at Uganda Martyrs Technical Institute Nyarushanje through the upgrading and modernization of an ICT department; funding was provided for the supply and installation of 25 computers with associated accessories, furniture and equipment, and with connection to a local area network and internet. While the ICT department was serving all the 4 districts of the Kigezi sub-region, the new ICT center serves not only the 4 districts but also the neighboring regions inside and outside Uganda. The ICT Center was completed in June 2013 and formally launched in December 2013.

“I had never dreamt that we could ever have an ICT centre in our “dusty village” of Nyarushanje! Mighty blessings to you all!”  Mureebe Methods -Nyarushanje villager

“The busy activity with inquiries from people interested in the services of the ICT Centre in the last 2 – 3 weeks shows the timely intervention extended by ICOB to the Nyarushanje community. Requests range from training in computer applications, use of printing and photocopying services and accessing internet for e-mail communication. It is just unbelievable how an intervention can quickly transform people’s minds.”  wrote the Board Chairman, Narcis T. Rwangoga

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